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Sea Angling; What it Takes

Sea angling, otherwise known as recreational fishing involves fishing either from a boat or from the shore. Angling actually refers to the technique that is most commonly used for sport fishing. It is much more common that net fishing. Angling involves attaching a hook to a fishing rod and using a reel to cast the hook into the water in an attempt to lure a fish. There are several types of sea angling:


If the water is 30 metres deep or less and/ or you can see the boat from your dock, beach chair, etc. then you are witnessing inshore boat fishing. Evidently, because this type of fishing is done in shallow water and closer to land, it is done in smaller boats. Some boats are as small as inflatable row boats that hold only one person, and some are large enough to hold a few people. Inshore fishing is characterized by 9-10 feet rods, 18-50lb lines and multiplier reels. The bait varies depending on the target species and catch. Inshore species are usually smaller.


This is commonly referred to as deep sea and/ or open water fishing whereby larger boats that are equipped to handle harsher conditions and waters go out into deep water to fish for larger species. This type of fishing can be dangerous if you are not well informed or with someone who is. It requires proper knowledge about weather, patters and navigation.

Offshore boats, as mentioned, are larger than Inshore to help accommodate harsher conditions and also to help hold and store larger catches and larger equipment. The most common species targeted in deep sea fishing includes both tuna and marlin, many of which are very large and impressive. This type of fishing is done for fun, sport, recreation, as a tourist activity, etc.