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    a.  Booking in.

    Booking in will be at the Reel Fun Tackle Shop from the times announced.

    b.  Cancellation.

    The Competition and safety officers will make the decision if the competition is on at 10 am on the day prior to the competition and a notice will be posted at Reel Fun.  Although the committee members concerned take into account all the current weather forecasts and likely sea conditions before deciding if a competition is to go ahead as planned it is up to each individual skipper to make the final decision as to whether the conditions are safe enough for his boat and crew. As you will know weather and sea conditions can change incredibly quickly and while it might still be safe for larger boats to go out skippers with smaller boats or skippers new to our waters may find themselves in trouble. Remember the old adage “IF IN DOUBT DON’T GO OUT” that way there will always be another day tomorrow!

    c.  Lockings.

    You must make your own arrangements for lockings unless told otherwise.

    d.  Safety Tags.

    Each boat will be given a safety tag to be worn by the skipper and must be returned to the Reel Fun or to the weigh-in station by the time of the last fish to the scales. Failure to do this will raise the alarm as to your whereabouts. If you have returned to the marina and have not returned your tag by this time you will be disqualified from the next competition unless you have a good explanation given in writing to the committee for their consideration at the next committee meeting.

    e.  Fishing Limits

    All fishing shall be within the clubs waters. (See Club Constitution 2 Boundaries.)

    f.  Fish Sizes.

    Fish sizes to BCFSA minimum and specimens to apply, except minimum size for Dog Fish at 2lb 4oz and Thornback Ray 10Ib. (See Bye Law number 18.)

    g.  Safety Officer.

    You will be informed who will be Safety Officer for the day (and the name of safety boat / boats) before the start of the competition and he/she will be contactable on VHF channels 8 and 16.

    h.  Safety Equipment.

    All boats must be equipped with the following. Navigation lights, compass, fenders and mooring ropes, VHF radio, charts, tow rope, tool kit, life jackets for all persons on board, first aid kit, spare anchor, chain and rope sufficient for the area being fished, in-date flares and a Black Ball which must be displayed as high as practical while fishing at anchor during daylight hours. (A white all-round light should be  displayed during the hours of darkness.)

    i.  Tackle.

    A maximum of two rods and four hooks to be used per angler, with a maximum of three hooks on one rod.  A treble counts as one hook as does a double.  No deliberately foul hooked fish will be accepted at any competition.

    Appendix to bye law 18.  Silver Eels.

    Silver Eels (Anguila Anguila). From a line between Avonmouth and Beachey Head, eastward, Severn Trent Water Authority require a Freshwater Licence if this species is retained.



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