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Fishing in the UK is a popular thing. There are many towns that are known as fishing towns, such as Portishead and other coastal towns in the UK. The towns located close to the sea and the ocean are where the densest population of fishermen and women are as well as where tourists, visitors and even locals go to spend time fishing.

This site will help you start to learn about some of the off the beaten path fishing towns to visit. Whether you are a beginner looking for some experience, or an expert looking for world class fishing and some big catches, there are small fishing towns that are relatively untouched and lesser known. This site will help you learn more about these towns and what you will find there.

This site will also introduce you to some of the common species that are found when fishing at sea or even on the shores of towns in the UK. It will help you guide your fishing trip and understand where to find the species and when, because many species are seasonal in the UK.

Bait, size, region and safety tips are also information that you will find on this site. This is helpful especially for beginners, who may need to take extra precaution and do extra research as fishing at sea can be very dangerous. Being safe is crucial and practice makes perfect and knowing where to go, the species you want and how to do so safely is important.